H-65 Helo hoisting a rescue swimmer


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Brass items from the oil era of lighthouses. Brass was used to prevent sparks. 


Rescue Beach Cart with Lyle Gun and Breeches Buoy.  

The second floor includes a room dedicated to the history of the USLHS, including both lighthouses and lightships. There are uniforms, artifacts and models from the Lighthouse Service. The story of the loss of the Vineyard lightship is featured & includes a display of her original lantern.

The second floor also contains exhibits on CG small boats,the USCG at war, from WW II through Afghanistan, women in the CG and USCG aviation.

We are fortunate to have some great model makers supporting the museum.

Among them:

Dick Matteson, Mike Maynard, Charles

Fox, Gordon Pearce, Robert

Crowley, Joseph Janard, and Robert


Without their efforts, the CGHM would be a less interesting place.

USCG Boat 36500
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Women in the USCG

USLS Vineyard Lantern

Coast Guard Aviation Section

CG 36500, a 36foot self-righting Motor Life Boat. Used in the Pendleton rescue, it is now owned, maintained and operated by the Orleans Historical Society.          USCG image

The Coast Guard Heritage Museum has two floors of exhibit space. On the first floor, we feature the origins of the Coast Guard, beginning with the Revenue Cutter Service in 1790. Next is the U. S. Life-saving Service, which was preceded by the Massachusetts Humane Society.  Special exhibits honor those involved in the greatest small boat rescue in USCG history, the rescue of the Pendleton and Fort Mercer
The museum Gift Shop, containing a variety of books, videos and artwork is also located on the first floor.

Rescue Swimmer Gear

USCG Cutter Campbell